The International Conference on Business Management (ICBM) 2024 is a flagship event organized by the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce (FMSC) at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJ) in Sri Lanka. Renowned as the best management faculty in the Island attracting the cream of the GCE A/L students in the commerce stream, the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce stands as the largest faculty in the country across all disciplines. With a distinguished teaching faculty of 50 professors and 43 PhDs, its academic excellence is unparalleled.

Scheduled to unfold for the 20th year, from the 29th of February to the 1st of March 2024 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, this conference embarks upon the theme of “Resilience and Reinvention for Sustainable Development in the VUCA World.” It endeavors to delve into the profound concepts of resilience and reinvention within the context of sustainable development, in an ever-evolving landscape characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA).

The primary objective of this conference is to confront the myriad challenges that businesses and organizations face in our modern era of rapid change and unpredictable circumstances. It will feature an engaging array of keynote speeches, thought-provoking panel discussions, enlightening paper presentations, and immersive workshops, all designed to provide participants with an encompassing platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and best practices in the realm of business management.

At the heart of this conference lies the Business Forum, an event of paramount importance that seeks to foster the exchange of knowledge and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships between academia and industry practitioners. It serves as a dynamic platform where professionals from diverse sectors converge to engage in profound discussions and share invaluable insights revolving around the conference’s central theme: “Resilience and Reinvention for Sustainable Development in the VUCA World.”

The distinguished panelists of the Business Forum would be industry leaders across various industries and sectors, bringing their invaluable expertise to the forefront of a discourse centered around the conference theme. This discourse aims to unravel the complexities and opportunities inherent in the VUCA world, while also delineating strategies for fostering resilience and promoting sustainable development. We expect to invite industry leaders and professionals across the private and public sector as well as academia numbering approximately 250 to join as audience for the business forum. To culminate this momentous conference in an inspirational manner, the Business Forum will be held on the evening of Friday, the 1st of March 2024. This will be followed by a delightful cocktail reception, fostering a relaxed networking environment where attendees can forge meaningful connections while reflecting upon the enriching experiences of the conference.

As a noteworthy extension of the Business Forum, we cordially invite the esteemed panelists to contribute to a Case Study publication. This publication, co-authored by the panelists and scholars from the FMSC, will be published by an esteemed international publisher. It is anticipated to offer profound insights and practical examples that illuminate how companies have navigated the intricate dynamics of the VUCA world, demonstrating their resilience and ability to reinvent themselves.