MAS Holdings was established in 1987 by three brothers, Mahesh, Ajay and Sharad Amalean and they introduced lingerie manufacturing to South Asia. MAS manages a portfolio of businesses and is positioned as one of the world’s most recognized design-to-delivery solution providers in the realm of apparel and textile manufacturing. It is the largest apparel and textile manufacturer in South Asia with approximately USD 2Bn in turnover. The organization is headquartered in Sri Lanka with 52 manufacturing facilities placed across 17 countries, with design houses placed in key locations across the globe and over 95,000 people working in its operations. MAS is known for its global reputation for ethical and sustainable business practices as it puts social and environmental sustainability at the heart of their operations. The nurturing of people, their passion and their ideas has evolved MAS from a business organization to an innovative global community which partners with some of the world’s foremost brands in fashion and style that is timeless. The year 2020 goes down as the most challenging year in the history of the Company. The pandemic was a period where lives and livelihoods had to be safeguarded against all odds. With manufacturing facilities and revenue at a standstill on one hand, and rising costs on the other, coupled with an unprecedented health crisis, created the most volatile period the company had ever faced. Resilience had to be built in all aspects of MAS, whether it was manufacturing, Finance, HR, Logistics, or communications.