PHD colloquium

The PhD colloquium is one of the prime events organized in conjunction with the 18th ICBM of the FMSC, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. This scholarly platform is opened up for the PhD students to present their research works to a wider audience of fellow PhD students, experienced researchers and other university academics.

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Business Leaders Forum

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a turbulent business environment, resulting in disruption in many businesses irrespective of their scale. Consequently, the pandemic situation compels business leaders to respond to the emerging changes, demanding adjustments in their operations and decisions. Within the Sri Lankan context, it is evident that business organizations have seized opportunities and become profitable ventures, during this period. The Business Leaders Forum creates a platform to revisit the strategic initiatives of some of these selected business organizations that mitigated risks during the pandemic.

Forum of Leaders in the SAARC Countries

As a segment of the International Industry Forum, this year we are planning to organize a Forum of Leaders in the SAARC Countries to discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the SAARC Region and its Business Organisations with the collaboration of the University Grant Commission, Sri Lanka. The COVID-19 crisis has triggered an economic fallout that will drive millions into poverty and worsen inequality. Amid the mounting human and economic toll, South Asian countries (SAARC) have ramped action to curb the health emergency, protect their people, and set the stage for recovery. Bringing together different actors of society, including representatives of all SAARC countries, academics, policy advisors, and civil society leaders, this event will discuss COVID-19 impacts on South Asian economies and people, the stability of the financial sector, trade, supply chain activities, and remittances, and opportunities for greater regional cooperation in crisis management.